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"Opt-in or opt-out, what it really comes down to is respect. If I respect your privacy, I'll ask your permission," DeCastro said. "I've never sold people anything by annoying them."

Privacy advocates give views on consumer protection needs
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Respecting consumer privacy and using best practices in opt-in pays off big for direct marketers. My work has proven repeatedly that privacy and profit are not mutually exclusive. If you have any doubts, just look at Secret #3 in Dr. Email's Secrets of Successful Direct Marketers.

Every time I have tested opt-in against opt out, regardless of whether we're sending direct mail postal packages or emails opt-in wins. That's why I'm a passionate privacy advocate. It's just smart marketing to respect the principles of opt-in.  I never sold anything to anyone by annoying them first.

I have been recognized by government and the news media alike as an expert in the area of smart marketing through consumer privacy protection:

  • Testified numerous times as an expert witness before the California State Senate
  • Consultant to California State Senator Jackie Speier on multiple privacy protection bills including the national trend-setting SB1
  • Appeared frequently on KGO NewsTalk Radio
  • Special consultant to CBS News 60 Minutes II
  • Special consultant to The Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Chronicle on financial privacy issues

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