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About Mike DeCastro

Going to extremes ...

My creative philosophy is:  Going to extremes on behalf of my clients is no vice.

Whether the project calls for me to climb into a vintage warbird and fly Immelmanns, Loops, Barrel Rolls and Cuban-8s for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3, or use out-of-the-box thinking to create new merchandising and integrated mail, email website and telemarketing campaign that generates multi-million dollar increases in top line revenue for Employerware − I'm always ready to take it to the edge. Not for the goal of winning Echo Awards, but for the mission objective of generating profitable results.

... For clients with the courage to succeed beyond their expectations.

Peter Drucker, one of the world's most influential business gurus said, “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.” 2300 years prior to Drucker, in 200 BC, Roman playwright, Terence wrote, “Forte fortuna adiuvat.” Fortune favors the brave. 

I'm seeking clients brave enough to seize today’s market opportunities and become market segment leader. If you're not afraid to go to extremes in search of success, we are a perfect fit. Whether a start-up or established business, I deliver the big results for clients who  are eager to put my direct marketing and advertising experience to work acquiring new customers, new leads and generating substantial revenue increases.  With over three decades of experience in advertising, direct marketing,  business development, e-commerce, copywriting and photography − I have a track record of success measured in high ROI, high response rates and solid sales conversion.

About Imagination

"Too much of a good thing, is wonderful!"

Mae West said it best. Since 1976, Imagination's clients have found that my direct response marketing strategies and copywriting and give them "too much of a good thing."  I’m the kind of senior level, freelance direct response copywriter, strategic thinker and marketing consultant who can fill the gaps when you need help in aerospace, technology, financial services, entertainment, e-commerce markets and much more. Can you ever have too many customers, too high an average order value, too many qualified leads or too much revenue? 

Working both client direct and as a contractor to advertising and direct marketing agencies, I've helped business and consumer marketers acquire more customers and generate greater profit than they did before I worked with them.  Just take a look at my case studies and portfolio. You'll see hard-hitting, hard-working, affordable and profitable direct marketing programs. My clients succeed because I do three things extremely well:

  1. Create cost-effective marketing strategies.
  2. Pay meticulous attention to the powerful influences that can make or break any online or offline direct marketing program: Offer, List/Media, Creative and Production.
  3. Write great copy.

When there is a tough marketing challenge to be defeated, you need a little Imagination.  By deploying innovative strategies backed up with field-tested copy, I have been instrumental in helping fledgling and veteran companies alike achieve impressive leaps in sales and profitability.

Until we meet, please bear in mind that I am a direct marketing consultant and copywriter who is:

  • A triple-threat (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) products and services marketing maven.

  •  Extremely versatile with a wide network of industry contacts and vendor relationships in creative, production and media services for direct mail, catalogs, email, TV, radio and sales promotion specialties.

  • And my qualities are characterized by a record of helping companies achieve excellent return on investment and growth in brand awareness, sales and revenue.

Take a look at the Success Studies and you'll see what my clients have achieved with "too much of a good thing."

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